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Browse the most complete Guy N. Smith bibliography online at the Broken Backlist. Here you'll find all Guy's horror novels from Werewolf by Moonlight to The Busker with covers and information on all editions. There's also a huge list of foreign editions, again with covers and publication details.

You'll also find plenty of books that you didn't know Guy wrote. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, anyone? Sexy Confessions of a Games Mistress? Moles and Their Control? Guy has written a popular range of children's novels and an authoritative set of non fiction works on field sports and countryside living, as well as books in the historical, thriller, war, western and soft porn genres. All are detailed in the Broken Backlist.

Guy also runs his own publishing company, Black Hill Books (Publishers), which has published three Guy N. Smith novels, a number of short story collections and the popular non fiction work, Hunting Big Cats in Britain. You can read sample chapters and buy copies of these books at Grimprint.

Open Grave is the home of Graveyard Rendezvous, a well-established small press publication now on issue 27. You can read the current issue online, sample short stories from previous editions and find out how to enter Graveyard Rendezvous's prize competitions.

Don't forget to visit the Gore Store before you leave to buy a copy of one of Guy's more recent books. This is a full e-commerce store, managed by Jacquie Sloane of Telco Web. It features backlist books as well as new titles.

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